Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life in the Low Fat Lane

Wowy, I haven't blogged in a looooong time. I haven't given up my love of food. I am a die hard foodie. I have however given up about 45 pounds and would like to give up another 45, so my recipes have had a make over. I have been cooking leaner meals and creating whacky combinations to try out on myself and my friends. I try very hard not to skimp on flavor. I am up to trying just about any food combination. And there are some recipes I simply refuse to tamper with.
Currently my kitchen is in the middle of a re-do which I am extremely excited about. I have new cabinets in place, am in the middle of picking out countertop (leaning toward granite) and have picked out flooring. We will see how excited I am over the next few weeks as I live in exile from my kingdom uh...I mean as I live without a kitchen.
At any rate, hopefully once the kitchen is back up and running I can post my healthy concoctions that sometimes pass as food. LOL! Actually they are usually pretty good.

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