Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chicken Honey for my Honey

Not a lot of time to cook lately. It seems I have been on the go constantly. I have altered a few of my work scrubs by adding some batik gussets and pocket flare. They are looking so adorable, I am hoping to get a few more outfits done. the Chicken Honey. As many of you may be aware I did receive my lovely le creuset dutch oven. I started with about five small white onions chopped up, four cloves of garlic chopped up, three large carrots peeled and chopped, one brine soaked chicken (1/3 cup salt 1/2 cup sugar in enough water to cover the chicken in a snug bowl). Baked up for about an hour and a half covered in the dutch oven at 325 with enough water added to the bottom to cover the vegetables which were placed under the chicken. I then uncovered the chicken, brushed it with honey and cooked for another hour to hour and a half (internal temp of 165). Probably won't get a picture posted as darling hubby will likely devour it while I am at work and it is still in the oven at the moment.

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